The 12 Powerpoints Of JESUS THE CHRIST

1. It Is No More News, That A Life Without Jesus Christ Is A Live With Crisis. So The Source Of All Your Calamities And Problems Is The Absence Of Jesus Christ. Remember His Main Reason Is To Give You Life And Give It More Abundantly.

2. Without Jesus There Is No Source. If You Need A Good Source Of Life And A Nonstop Supply You Need To Connect To Jesus.

3. He Died Poor For You To Be Rich. He Broke The Power Of Poverty And Silence The Intention Of The Enemy Of Life. Therefore You Cannot Be Poor Any More. Because God Shall Supply All Your Needs According To His Riches In Glory Through Christ Jesus.

4. You Are What You Are By The Grace Of God Through Christ Jesus. Remember, By Strength Shall No Man Prevail, And The Race Is Not To The Swift Nor Battle To The Strong, Nor Bread To The Man Of Understanding, Nor Favor To The Men Of Skill.

5. As Producers Have Authorized Dealers So God Has His Own Authorized Dealer. As Most Companies Detest That You Take Their Product To Untrained Apprentice. So God Detest That Human Should Ask Other gods For The Answer Of Their Lives. The Only Authorized Dealer Of God Is Jesus The Christ Of Nazareth.

6. When Men Are Confused And All Roads Are Blocked. Jesus Christ Said I Am The Way The Truth And Life. He Also Said If You Want To Get The Best Of God, Let Me Get The Best Of You.

7. Human Being Wants Are Insatiable. Jesus Christ Said Regardless Of Your Need Seek First The Kingdom Of God And His Righteousness And All Other Things Shall Be Added. Seek One thing And Get Everything Is Better Than Looking For Everything And Get Nothing.

8. I Think It Is Childish To For The Fastest Car To Be Competing With Slowest Aircraft. I Have Come With This Strong Understanding That Jesus Christ Means SPEED. No Matter Where You Are Today, If You Give Your Life To Christ None Of Your Equals Can Compete With You.

9. Jesus Christ Has Fed 5000 With Almost Nothing, Therefore You Cannot Be Hungry With The Little In Your Hands. But You Need Faith To Let God, Just Like That Woman Did For Prophet Elisha. She Gave Her Lacck. Everything Is Available But You Need Your Faith To Access It.

10. Jesus Christ Gave His Life, Which Is The Main Reason, While You Cannot Die. Only Jesus Died For You And Rose After The Three Day. He Fought With Devil In The Grave, He Won The Competition And The Keys Of Death And Hades In His Hands Are The Evidence Of His Victory.

11. He Walked On Water For You To Know That Impossible Has Been Cancelled In Your Life. He Healed The Sick For You To Know That You Have Nothing To Do With The Doctor. His Name Work Wonders Because Your Name Shall Make Landmark. Real Live Is Strictly Jesus Or Nothing.

12. This Blog Is For Jesus Christ. I Am Simply Trading What He Told Me. Jesus Is My Inspiration And Motivation. Whatever You See In All Our Blog Are The Dictation Of From Jesus. If It Were To Be My Words I Would Have Run Out Of Words By Now. This Is My Secret Jesus Dictate And I Write. The Big Question Is Are You Ready To Be Part Of Us By Spreading The Good News Of The Secret? Is As Simple As Just Click Share At THe Button, follow On twitter And Like Our Facebook Page.

Think Jesus Think Speed

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

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John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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