The 12 Secrets Of SHORTCUT
1. The Longest Way To Success Is Shortcut And The Shortest Way To Greatness Is Due Process. If You Are Looking For Shortcut You Will Soon End Up Been Cut Short.

2. Shortcut Is The Lie Of The Devil, That Is Been Package In Form Of Benefits Which You Think Is Of High Profit To Your Destiny. Another Names For Shortcut Are Trespass And Temptation. The Secret Is That If You Trespass Mr. Life, You Are Actually Asking The Devil For More Temptation Daily.

3. Shortcut Is The Brother Of Temptation That Finally Beget Trespass. When You Are In Search Of Cutting Corner You Will Be Tempted And Your Place In Destiny Will Becomes Vacant. That Was Why We Are Taught To Pray In This Manner Forgive Us Our Trespass And Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Devil.

4. The Shortcut To Marriage Is Divorce. If You Rush To Marriage You Will Surely Rush Outside Of It. Wrong Marriage Or Not Fully Committed Into Your Marriage Is A Shortcut. Success In Marriage Is A Process That Require: Right Person, Patience And Self Dedication And Good Decision Not To Turn Back, Because If You Are Living A Life Of Option You Have Subscribe Into The School Of Carelessness.

5. The Shortcut To Wealth Is Poverty And Shame. Life Is Privilege And You Are A Steward. You Need To Be Careful About Your Dealings In The Making Of Money. If You Do It Wrong You Will End Up Wrong. This Is What People Don’t Know About Money. It Knows Where It Actually Belongs. If It’s Not Meant For You, It Will Someday Leave You. This Is The Secret Be Concern About How You Become The Owner Of What Is In Your Hands.

6. The Shortcut To Life Is Frustration And Regret. You Can Violate Rules And Survive But You Can’t Violate Law And Prevail. Success Is Design On The Platform Of Obeying Laws Of God And Breaking The Rules Of Men.

7. If You Are Not Living Your Life With The Consciousness Of God You Are On Your Way To Life Limitation. It Is Called Spiritual Shortcut. You Are On A Mission For God, You Are Designed By God And God Has A Plan For You. Every Of Your Decision Should Base On This Statement: Is This, What God Want Me To Do.

8. Self Confidence Is Good But You Need To Let It Have It Root In Good Counsel And Good Knowledge. If You Base Your Life Only On What You Know And Not Learn From Others, You Will End Up Been Stupid And Lose All That You Know.

9. Greatness Has It Depth In Preparation And Concern. If You Don’t Care About Anything You Will Not Care About Your Life. This Is The Secret How You Handle One Thing Is How You Will Handle Everything.

10. Life Is All About Process And Progress. If You Don’t Learn How To Crawl You Will Not Be A Successful Walker. If You Don’t Learn How To Walk You Will Not Be A Successful Runner, And If You Don’t learn How To Run You Will Never Be A Successful Flyer. Life Is A Process, Don’t Go For Shortcut.

11. Life Is Simple If You Learn. Learning Is Simple If You Are Ready. Readiness Is Simple If You Are Determine. Going A Wrong Way Will Make You End With Wrong People And YOu End Up Living Wrong Life. Refuse Shortcut Pay The Price Of Success And Ready For Greatness.

12. We Have Decided To Teach The Secret Things Of God. We Need Your Commitment To Share The Secret Things To Your World. It Is Very Simple We Can’t Do It Alone You Have To Contribute Your Part To Let The Message Get To The World. Just Click Share.

Think Shortcut Think Failure

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.
FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

About TheSecretMan

Rotimi Adedokun is a teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is an inspirational speaker, writer, trainer, business consultant, life, and business coach. He has the intense zeal to teach the secret things of God, as revealed by God to him, so men and women could reign in life. His passion is to see people live up to their potentials. He detests impossibility, with his philosophies that impossibility does only exist in the dictionary of champions. As a living proves of his philosophy, he also believes in breaking old records and setting a new one. Rotimi, with his message, THE SECRET has successfully reached thousand in over 100 countries through his blog Featuring in many Television Interviews and shows, both in Lagos and Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, West Africa. He daily impacts thousands on social media platforms. His messages are always making landmarks anywhere. He was trained as a minister at Winners Chapel International but earned his Master of Divinity at Oral Roberts University. He is presently pioneering a new move at Oklahoma, where he is leading believers to pray and understanding the Word. He is happily married to Ibukun Adedokun, God blessed them with three children, and they are living in the United States.
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