THE TRUTH (15) — HAPPINESS…04152015


JOY: The Reasons For A Joyful Lifestyle.
1. You Don’t Expect Happiness And Be Happy, Real Happiness Is In Your Giving. If You Want To Live A Happy Life, Live In Happiness, Live For Happiness And Develop Zeal For Happiness. The World Is To Shocking For Happiness To Prevail, To Hard For Joy To Be Revealed But When You Live By Happiness You Will Live For It.

2. Wherever You Expect Happiness That Is Where You Will Locate Frustrated. The Reason Is Simple Happiness Does Not Come From People. The Real Happiness Is Not When You Expect From People But When You Sow Into Their Lives. The Secret Is This: Frustration Is A Seed Of Expectation. Happiness Is A Seed Of Service.

3. Happiness Is The Foundation For Good Life. Empty Life Has It Root In Lack Of Happiness. Take Happiness Away From Life, And It Becomes Dead.

4. Happiness Is The Force That Propels And Provokes Life For Greatness. You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Live A Happy Life. Everybody Can Be Happy But Is Not Everybody That is Happy, But If You Are Happy Embrace Life.

5. Some Are Very Sick, Languishing In Bitterness And Pain. All Of Their Wealth Put Together cannot Handle Or Pay For Their Good Health. They Decided To Trade Their Wealth For Happy life, But Unfortunately Life Doesn’t Work That Way. So If You Are Not In Their Situation You Need To Be Happy.

6. Some Think That Having So Much Money Brings Them Joy, Once They Have It Their Sadness Doubles. Some think Money Is The Key To Good Marriage, After Few Years In Marriage They Decided To Settle For Divorce Because They Can’t Handle Their Marriage. But If You Still Keep Your Marriage I Think You Should Be Joyful.

7. Some Think Living In A Mansion Will Give Them Joy. Sadly The Cost Of Managing The House Has Put Them In More Debt Which Constitute To More Of Their Problems.

8. The World Is Full of Selfishness and Discontentment. So It’s Foolishness To Expect Your Happiness From People, Because Everyone Is Out To Take From You. But The Joy In Yourself And What You Love Is The Key To Real Happiness.

Think Happiness Think Peace

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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