2020 One Year Bible Reading Plan Day 16 | Bible Study | Rotimi Adedokun | Mark 6-7

  1. Scripture Of The Day

Mark 6:50

50 For they all saw him and were troubled. And immediately he talked with them, and saith unto them, Be of good cheer: it is I; be not afraid.

Mark 7:34…Jesus said Ephphatha… Be Opened

2. Prayer Points

Mark 6:21

Father by heaven’s authority I cancel every evil opportunity that my enemy is awaiting for to hurt in Jesus name.

Mark 6:22-23

Father, my Life will not be a game in the hands of my enemies in Jesus name.


Father, empower my prayer life so I may not lose my head in a price

Mark 7:33

Father, separate me this for my healing and total healing.

3. Prophecies

Mark 6:51

Father, I invite into the boat of 2020 with me for supernatural safety and promising finishing in Jesus’ name.

4. Revelation

Mark 6:37…You give them what to eat

Irresponsibility push task away

Responsibility embrace.


Response to Life… With Jesus on your side, you have what it takes to be

How many loaves do you have?

Verse 38… we have 5

Five and two fishes

Five stands for Grace… We have Grace and two fishes.

IT is Grace that makes people escape disgrace.

Every five loaves will always produce five thousand leftovers.

Mark 7:34…Jesus said Ephphatha… Be Opened

5. Inspiration

Mark 6:8-9


  1. Your sandal is your eagerness
  2. Your sandal is your decision
  3. Your sandal is your awaken
  4. Your sandal is your corporation
  5. Your sandal is your Life

Mark 7:5-13

Rules are set by man, you are design to break or not to obey it

Breaking the tradition of men to attain to the commandment of God.

Tradition = Rules = Made by people. Mark 7:5, 13

Neglecting the commandment of God to keep the tradition of men. Mark 7:8

Mark 7:28-29… The woman gave the appropriate answer to Jesus

The power of answer

6. Action Mark 7:5… the tradition of the elder,

Never Obey the tradition of Men, rather strive to obey the command of God

7. Question Of The Day

Q: What was the commandment of Jesus to those people who He healed in Mark 7?

A No to tell anyone Mark 7:35-37.

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Rotimi Adedokun

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