2020: Writing Challenge Day 16 | REMEMBER | Rotimi Adedokun

Remembrance is a powerful force that keeps confidence alive. It rebuses drive and passion for greatness. Remembrance thinks of the past, draws power from it into the future in order to combat the present situation. It’s sometimes called testimony.

If you remember how you are once begging, you know how to deal with those who are finding it difficult to pay their bills. If you remember how you cannot once handle life, you will know how to help people in their challenges.

To remember is to step out of yourself and behold yourself to picture the future. To remember is to wrestle, to content with the pass in other to contest with the future. To remember is to recount what you have done and develop the capacity for what you can do.

Those who can remember will never be imprisoned by September, neither can they be delayed by October, conquered by November nor been stopped by December. Remember helps to rekindle the fire, ignite capacity, and set in motive.

Those who cannot remember will misbehave, over-react, and take unnecessary action without due reasoning and creative thinking. You can be a friend with your enemy and still be successful, but if you befriend a forgetful person, you have signed up for regret.

To remember is to rethink, to commune with life, to weigh your decision, and make a great choice with diligence thought. To remember is to intentionally calm down, to reflect and revisit life, know full well that God will take of you now because He took care of you before.

Think remembrance think reflection.

The big question is, when last did you remember what God has done for you?

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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