Time Is The Revealer: The 7 Secrets Speed Of Life

Me One of the proverbs in Africa says, twenty children cannot play for twenty years. I did not really understand this when I was young. I try to figure it out in my head, I reflected on it anytime it flashes back to my mind. But all these processes never explained to me the reason for the proverb. I kept my ways and still living my life like others until I discovered my purpose and had an encounter with destiny.

Greatness is not for everybody, but just anybody can be great. Wellness is available for all but it is not everybody that live a life of wellness. Life is a secret. And only those who embark on the journey of life can make something great out of it. Formal education is good but is not the ultimate determinant of life. To be a first class student in school is very good, but it can never be the yardstick to measure success.

Life has rules that need to be learned, applied and followed. Greatness has some demands and price that needs to be supply and paid. If the necessary things are not put in place, the necessary will never be supplied. Only those that do it well, will live well and enjoy well.

Sometimes, when I check social media and look at some pictures of people, I got worried and baffled. My question is where are the A students? Where are the people that I thought will make it faster than me in life? All of a sudden their identities fizzle out, expectation disappeared and reality set in.

I kept asking, where are the people that when they talked, I dare not whisper? Where are people that I thought I will never match up with in life? People that passed their high school exams when I had to repeated mine four times? Where are the first class students in the polytechnic and I had no class? Where are the people that can write better than me? Where are the people who spoke better English language than me?

More so, after I crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the land of green white green to the land of 50 stars, people that got here before me that I thought they are smarter, sharper and wiser. I tried to look for their identities and I cannot even find their footprints. This is my verdict, “life will truly reveal true mates.”

I have these 7 secrets which I think will change your life and catapult you ahead of people that you think has gone ahead. These secrets worked for me and it can work for you too. These secrets are not what I think will work, but what I know that has worked. These secrets don’t care about your background or where you are right now. Fortunately, these secrets are blind, they can’t even recognize who uses them and who do not. They are also deaf, they cannot recognize voices or in turn favor one person over the others. As you know that God does not have a favorite (Acts 10:34).

1 Identify yourself with your creator
Everything in life is manufactured by someone which includes you. Therefore, you are a product of a manufacturer. His name is Yahweh (God). He sent His only begotten Son to die for your sin and restores you back to where He intended for you. Your identification with Jesus Christ, will spark up a new light and open a new chapter in your life. I know you are thinking it is not true. My question to you is that, what if it is true?

2 Decide to follow God’s leading
As, no sheep can outgrow the leading of a shepherd, so no child of God can outgrow the leading of God through Holy Spirit. Remember, what king David said, “The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want” (Ps 23:1). I know you are thinking it is not true. My question to you is that, what if it is true?

3 Identify the cost of life
According to Dr. Mike Murdock, there are two things about Jesus. His principles and person. His principles create prosperity, while His person creates peace. Everything comes with a cost, which includes prosperity and peace. No matter what you need in life, you need to be ready to go on an adventure to know what will make it work and what will not make it work. No cost no value, and no value no cost. I know you are thinking it is not true. My question to you is that, what if it is true?

4 Pay the price for a great life
It is one thing to know, but it is another thing to do. Doing is the father of knowing. Activities are what complete the miracle process of life. If you stop you will get stuck. Pay the price for life, don’t stop paying and keep at it. No one will stop you to get whatever you want on a shelf in a store, but when you are about to exit you will be asked to pay. Payment is what transfers ownership. Pay the price of life. I know you are thinking it is not true. My question to you is that, what if it is true?

5. Go on a different route
The mindset of competition sometimes can slow down anyone that just want to start the race of life. I will advise you to turn 180 degrees and face a different direction. Go and develop yourself. Job said, “He gets his knowledge from afar…” (Job 36:3). Sometimes local people appreciate more of international stuff. If I were you, I will leave my comfort zone and learn what is needed to lead when I come back. I know you are thinking it is not true. My question to you is that, what if it is true?

6 Get a mentor
Every apostle was once a disciple. Every Ph.D. was once an undergraduate. Everything starts from somewhere. Your future is a product of direction that you get today. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just follow the path of a giant. Look for someone, who has accomplished what you desire in life. Mentors are the pathways to your destination. They are the horses that you need to ride to your destination. Look for them, learn from them, and serve them. Remember, to learn as you go and grow as you learn. I know you are thinking it is not true. My question to you is that, what if it is true?

7 Maintain the pace, keep doing the same thing, and do it right.
It is good to think outside the box but is not good to end there. Remember, how you get to where you are and always go back to the basics. Without maintenance, there will never be attainment. You need to nurture your discoveries and retain all your secrets before you can maintain your great future. Always remember, that your present mates may not be your true mates. Keep your mind on the goals, always be positive, also know that time is a revealer of true mates.

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…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

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The Power Of God

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Remember, everything is possible if you are positive.


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Crisis Reveals Friend and Enemy

Crisis is inevitable in the life of anyone that want to be great. This crisis, can be financial, spiritual, marital, relationship etc. Crisis are neither friend nor enemy. The reason is simple, they are not friend because crisis time is demanding and overwhelming, but crisis is also needed for your promotion and elevation. One thing that should be in your mind, the trial of men cannot be commensurate to the appointment of God.

Time does not reveals the truth but it exposes the true color of men. In the school of success originality is what last not counterfeit. We all live in this world of thorn and thistle, wheat and tares, good and bad, also friends and enemies. It is not all the friendly face that you are seeing that are truthfully friends. The only thing that truly reveal the real from non-real is crisis.

Thus, one of the lessons that you can learn from crisis is to know the real people sent from God and identify the sent people from devil. One of the things that will make your trial time become easier is the kind of people that are there with you.

The Questions of life
What kind of people am I around?
• Everybody need Positive Mental Attitude Thinkers (PMAT)
What are the people get me thinking?
• Your thoughts are the solution to the crisis of your life.
What hope are they giving me?
• Hope is a living force that is injected into life situation for positive results
What are the people contributing to the crisis?
• Positive addition will suppress negative intakes.
Who has my kind of story among the people?
• What you behold will determine what you will become.

Therefore, life is not about the situation and condition, but your inner circle (network). If things does not work you need to check the people that are around you. You cannot prevail among the people who are not willing to support you (enemy). And you cannot go down around the people who are willing to bring you up (friends).

Jonathan helped David out of the arrow of king Saul.
Abraham took Lot along with him, but Lot took all the good part of land from him.
Abel offered the best sacrifice in the presence of Cain, nothing knowing has a wrong heart.
Jesus trusted Judas Iscariot with is treasury not knowing that he is going to sell Him for treasure.
Rehoboam answered the elders wrongly and lost his kingdom because of his friends’ advice.

Remember, crisis is a teacher. And one of the things that you should allow to teach you is to identify friends from enemies.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

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The 7 Secret Lessons From Crisis

RotimiCrisis is a life trainer, with the intent to rebrand you. As examination attracts promotion, so crisis attracts progress. That is why the bible says in Rev 3:21, 21:7, ‘he that overcome shall inherit all things and shall inherit all things.’

Crisis is the platform where greatness is display. Crisis attracts growth and embraces clarity. Crisis is the peace that is wrapped with trouble. The only purpose of crisis is to criticize you, but it will be wisdom for you to keep focus on your work. The secret is that, work is the enemy of crisis.

Challenges are inevitable. Greatness is not in the surface. Problems are promoter of destiny. As work precedes pay, so crisis precedes promotion. Therefore embrace crisis and learn from it. Winners don’t run away from opponents, champions don’t run away from competition. In the same vein, anyone that wants to be great must be ready for the demands.

Expect Crisis
Expect crisis on your faith.
Expect crisis at work.
Expect crisis in your family.
Expect crisis in business.
Expect crisis at church.
Expect crisis in your environment.

Perspective to Crisis
Don’t manage crisis, rather develop another perspective to see life.
Don’t manage crisis, rather imagine there is always way out of it.
Don’t manage crisis, rather grow above it.
Don’t manage crisis, rather create solution around it.
Don’t manage crisis, rather locate that peace in it.

Remember there is no mountain anywhere but your ignorance is the mountain of your life. Every crisis will soon crash, if you refuse to give up.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

Follow me this week as I unveil the 7 secret lessons from crisis.

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The 7 Secret things to know about Jesus Christ

Jesus ChristMe

You are hurtful, because you don’t channel your energy right. What you don’t know has three mission. Which are to kill, steal and destroy your destiny. But what you know and who you know are the keys to your survival. The mission is to give you life and good news the life is an abundance life. This is the secret, anytime you are in between what you don’t know, always remember what you know.

You know the person of Jesus.
You know what He is capable of doing.
You know your old testimony and you can repeat it if you have faith.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, He is the only person that knows you more than you think that you know Him.

7 Secrets about Jesus Christ
He cares.
He is aware
He is willing
He is ready
He is capable
He is all in all
He is the Lord.

How well do you know Him?
Jesus is not supposed to be just what you know, but who you know.

1. The multitude were sent away.
2. The disciples are sometimes with Him.
3. The 12 disciples are always with Him.
4. The 70 disciples names were not known.
5. He took 3 out of 12 disciples for prayers on the mountain.
6. Only one of His disciples did really know His person.
7. He really loved 1 out of 12 and He revealed His secrets to him.

His name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He loves you. He cares for you, and He is ready to get you out of your unlimited problems.

He is the Kings of kings, that is why He is really to enthrone you
He is the all Sufficient God, that is why He is ready to provide for all your needs
He is alive; that is why He really want you to live above death
He is all round healer; That is why you cannot be sick
He is the all-purpose physician; that is why He does not refer cases.

If you channel your energy on Him, He will settle you in all things. Remember, Ps 34:5, “They looked unto him, and were lightened: and their faces were not ashamed.”

Remember, It is all about Jesus.

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

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My Mother

MummyShe was a fighter. She was born into it. She never withdrew from it. She taught me how to do it and how to do it well. It is not a physical fight but a spiritual fight as we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

She was there for me. She was the backbone of the family. When responsibility was not taken by the leader, she stepped out boldly to do the necessary. She stood for all the family members. She was not designed to be, but the empty space must be filled. Those that don’t understand thought she was too pushy.

Her fight was not limited to our family alone. As you know capacity will be develop for more if you utilize the little in your hands. She prayed for people, helped them out of their predicaments. She counseled many without degree in Principles in Biblical Counseling. She saved many marriages without degree in Marriage Counseling with concentration in CBCT (cognitive behavioral couple therapy).

She has passion to see others being happy. She gave her time, energy and resources to do the things of God. She does not know when to stop helping. She never gives up on a fight to deliver others from the battle of life. In the process she gave her life. She only believed that God is able. She trusted in God. She forgot that she cannot fight every fight or protect everyone.

When I did not know God. She compelled me to know Him. She prayed my spirit into knowing God. She let me to know I don’t have option than just to know God. She said to me, “Rotimi I asked you from God and I told Him, I will give you back to Him. That was why I called you Samuel.” She continued, “You are the solution to the problem that I faced in my marriage.”

She almost got kicked-out of her matrimony home, because she could not produce a male child on time. Finally, God heard her prayers. He molded and deposited me into her womb. She always saw me helping her in her dreams, before I became real in her hands.

She taught me the ways of God. She loves me. She taught me how to keep a marriage. She taught me not to retaliate to the hatred of men, that vengeance belong to God. She was an example to what God can do to anyone that follows and serves Him with a true heart. She told me not to get stuck with my weakness but to develop on my strength.

She was a giver. She was a mother. She was a prophetess. She was Mrs Grace Oluyanbo Adedokun. She is supposed to celebrate another birthday today but she has gone to be with the Lord.

She was called Mama Jeje (Gentle Mother) in her Church. She was called prophetess by her followers. My siblings called her Mummy. All grandchildren called her Grandma, but I called her Mama ni Isreal (Mother in Israel). She was full of energy for God, discipline to study the bible and she always pray round the clock. She will never watch her children indulge in anything that is against the will of God. She does not have replacement.

She fought my fight. She paid my debt. She covered my nakedness. She took away my shame. She restored my confidence. She believed in me. She was always there for me. She almost took the place of Jesus in my life. I matter to her always. She never say NO to me. She has regards for me, though I am her only son. Her image always comes back to me.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have the privilege to pay back. I actually separated from her after my marriage but every time I remember, I know, I am still owing my Mother. I wish I have one more opportunity to show how much she means to me.

She is supposed to celebrate another birthday today May 20th, but she does not have the privilege. I will forever remember you. She’s the mother that makes womanhood worthwhile. I love you mummy.

I remain your Son

Rotimi Adedokun

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It’s in You!

MePhi 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Trust is no more the reigning jargon among brethren. Truth is now fallacy among friends. Selfishness is now the game among families.

Everybody is all out to take from you and nobody is ready to contribute. It is now a game of me, I and myself.

We all forget the story of the rich fool. Knowing fully well that wrong gathering will provoke easy scattering.

People has successful lost their dignity and respect for MONEY. Forgetting that we all came to this world with nothing and we shall all surely depart with the same.

We all forget that anyone that love money will surely love mourning. We are all on the race of accumulation forgetting sanctification, thinking Christianity is all about false identification. We are all on the way to defrauding others and forget that one day God will be confronting us about our actions.

Dollars is now the ultimate forgetting that Jesus still maintain His space. Dollars keep gaining strength because Naira Christians keep compromising their standard. We are all serious forgetting the source of the word vanity, because we refuse to appreciate the word sanctity.

We are all rushing to churches everyday calling the name of God in vain because our lives don’t portray the same. Knowing fully well that we can’t change God’s mind by our actions.

We’re all scared of the nothing, and lying against the sleeping devil that knew nothing about our wrong choices. Forgetting that God has plans for us, which is good and He has promised to bring it to past.

In my view our challenge is not in others, because evil is not real. It is what you allow that happen. How do I know? The word of God says give no room for the devil (Eph 4:27). The law of Reality states that whatever you allow will remains. The challenge is in you! Deal with yourself FIRST!

Remember, It’s in You!

…keep living, keep going and keep winning. Everything is possible if you are positive.

The Secret Man
Rotimi Adedokun

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