The 12 Secret Things To Do In Life Before You Depart This World

1. The Life That You Are Living Is Much More Important Than What You Want To Become. This Is The Secret Beware Of What You Are Becoming In Pursuit Of What You Want. It Is Called Lifestyle. The Life Which You Choose To Live While You Are Still On Earth.

2. If You Are Living A Beggar Lifestyle Think Your Help Will Come From Man. You Cannot Command Supernatural Wealth. The Reason Is Simple Real, Living Will Always Precede Good Receiving. When You Believe You Will Perceive And Fianlly Receive.

3. Your Thinking And Mediation Will Largely Determine What Becomes Of You Soon. You Cannot Become More Than What You Can Accommodate In Your Heart. Remember As A Man Thinks So He Is. A Lifestyle Of Good Thinking Will Beget A Lifestyle Of Good Results.

4. A Lifestyle Of Speaking: Speaking Is The Key To Living. If You Cannot Speak It, You Cannot See It. Speaking Is Enforcing All Forces In The Universe To Work In The Direction Of Your Thoughts And In Your Favor. It Is Simple But Extremely Powerful.

5. A Lifestyle Of Learning: Learning Is What Set The Height That You Will Scale. Learning Is The Force Of Buying The Future. I Advice You To Live A Life Of Learning, Because As Much As You Can Learn Will Determine As Much Opportunity You Will Maximize. Everything Needs To Be Learnt. But If You Can’t Learn Everything Learn All That Comes Your Way, If You Can’t Learn All That Comes Your Way Learn All That Is Important To You. Remember what You Don’t Learn Can’t Help You.

6. A Lifestyle Of Giving: Giving Don’t Just Provoke Receiving. It’s Much More Guarantee Prosperity And Posterity. If You Are A Giver Your Generation Can Never Beg. It Also Bring Longevity And Guarantee Roundabout Rest.

7. A Lifestyle Of Listening: Every Good Listener Will End-up Leading Others. Listen Is One Of The Most Difficult Things To Learn In The School Of Success. But If You Can Learn It, You Will Prevail Above Almost All Your Competitors.

8. A Lifestyle Of Readiness: Readiness Is The Determining Factor In The School Of Competition. If You Are Living Ready For Life, You Are 50 Percent Better.

9. A lifestyle Of Economy: Living A Lifestyle Of Wealth Is One Of The Blessing Of The World Changers. You Have To Learn How To Make Money, Manage And Multiply Money. Good Addiction To 70 And 30 Rules. Living Your Life On 70 Percentage Of Your Income, And Spread The 30% In This Order: 10 % To God. Investing 10% and Saving 10%.

10. A Lifestyle Of Spirituality: Without Spirituality A Life Become Limited In All Things. The Extend Of Your Life With God Will Determine The Extend Of Your Influence On Earth. Good Life Is A Product Of Absolute Spirituality. These Are The Secrets Of Spirituality: Study God’s Word, Practice His Commandments And Teach The Next Generation About Your Experience With Him.

11. A Lifestyle Of Confidence: Never Trade What You Believe For What People Say About You. Whatever People Don’t Like About You Is What They Really Envy About You. If You Let Go Your Gold Because Of What People Say, You Can Never Afford It With All Your Life Savings.

12. A Life Style Of Help: It Is Our Vision To Reach The World By The Word Of Through The Teaching Of The Secret Things Of God To Anyone That Want To Learn. This Will Become Reality When You Commit To Partner With Us On By Just Click share And Invite All Your Friends And Family To This Page. This Is The Secrets, Whatever You Make Happen For Others God Will Make Happen For You.

Think Lifestyle Thing Yourself.

…be inspired, live abundant life And help others.

FB: Adedokun Rotimi
Twitter: @adedokunr
John 8:32: “…you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”


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