2020: Writing Challenge Day 2 | Price | Rotimi Adedokun

Price is the means of transferring, compensating for, and exchanging value. The secret of every value is the price that is attached to it. Price places worth on a value. Price speaks of worth, and worth defines the originality. Price speaks to the mind, thereby get the mind ready for payment.

Every great thing in this world comes with the price. There is a price of living healthy, traveling around the world, and become a person of influence. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding all come with a price. There is a price to be paid if you want to be in custody of life’s secrets. There is a price to be a good father. A price to be a good mother. A price to be a good minister, Bishop, and Reverence, etc. There is also a price to be a good and effective leader.

The price that you can pay will determine the lifestyle that you can live. In the school of success, there is no scarcity; what we have is a lack of readiness to pay. Price is what creates class; class is what shows level, and level is what reveals who you are. If a price is not needed, ambition, passion, zeal, vision, and dream would not be necessary.

If you believe no price is too big to pay, you will soon know that they are no unachievable prize. Those who pay the price yesterday are living their lives today, and those who pay the price today will reap the benefits tomorrow.

Mediocre will say I can’t pay for it? Losers will say, is too expensive, winners will ask for a price reduction, but champions will say I will pay for it. This is the big question, are you ready to pay the price for 2020? Remember, no pain, no gain.

Think achievement think Price

…be inspired, live an abundant life, and help others.

Rotimi Adedokun

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